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Audi is a German automaker that was purchased by Volkswagen during the 1960s and used an upmarket brand for their popular lines. Audi is known for not only its smart executive image but also for performance too, having seen many successes in motorsports over the years.

Audi Towing Capacity

BMW is known the world over for its well-engineered value-for-money automobiles and motorbikes. The company has long had an image for producing executive sedans but in more recent decades has shifted t the crossover SUV market using old lines as bases for new.

BMW Towing Capacity

Cadillac is one of the original automobile brands from the early 20th century and has set itself apart from the pack by offering a luxurious finish. They now focus on performance sedans and luxury crossover and non-crossover SUVs for the American and Chinese markets.

Cadillac Towing Capacity

Chevrolet has a wide range of models that fit into almost all of the sectors of the motoring market. They are known worldwide for their small cars sold through other brands such as Opel and Holden as well as their full-size pickup truck the Silverado.

Chevrolet Towing Capacity

Chrysler can trace its roots back to 1925 when it was first formed and quickly acquired Dodge and created several other brands including Pontiac. In recent years the cmpany is operated by Fiat who purchased it during the credit crunch around the 2008 time.

Chrysler Towing Capacity

Dodge was formed in the early part of the 1900s by a family of brothers but due to several tragic deaths, the company was snapped up by Chrysler. Going forward Chrysler used it as their mid-priced brand until recently when they shifted it to high-performance lines.

Dodge Towing Capacity

Ford pioneered the mass production of automobiles at the turn of the 20th Century and went on to become a household name. Nowadays they focus on crossover SUVs while retiring their popular sedans. They also have a large presence in the pickup truck market.

Ford Towing Capacity

General Motors operate the Cadillac, Buick and Chevrolet brands with many of the same components being used in the various lines they all share. Each brand operates at a different price point and GMC usually offer a slightly upscale version of the models under its own brand.

GMC Towing Capacity

Honda began producing automobiles in the 1960s and has gone on to produce a model in almost all sectors of the industry. Honda is known for its value-for-money, reliability and low-cost maintenance - helping it stay popular after so many years in operation.

Honda Towing Capacity

Hyundai is a South Korean automaker that offers excellent value-for-money automobiles. They bought out Kia in the late-1990s and operate the two brands separately but with similar components and technologies. Its parent company operates in many diverse industrial sectors.

Hyundai Towing Capacity

Jeep is an automaker that specializes in offroad-capable models. They are currently owned by Chrysler and although they still make traditional lines still they are seeing great success in the crossover SUV market with models such as the Renegade.

Jeep Towing Capacity

Kia produces value-for-money automobiles in South Korea that sell all over the world. They are majority-owned by Hyundai and share many of the same lines along with components and technologies with them too. They are known for smaller models and SUVs.

Kia Towing Capacity

Land Rover started out life as a single model offered by the Rover Motoring Company until it spun off into its own brand and the line was renamed as the Defender. The company would then pass through various other owners but continue to be known for its offroad capability and premium finish.

Land Rover Towing Capacity

Lexus is the luxury sub-brand of Toyota, the largest automaker in the world. It started selling cars in the USA in 1989 and began with the LS, a full-size executive car that gave the current offerings on the market a run for the money and shaped things going foward.

Lexus Towing Capacity

Mazda has been producing automobiles since the 1960s and is known for its lightweight sporty appeal. They embraced the Wankel engine which gives a lot of their automobile range a distinct sound and drive that can't be found with other mainstream automakers.

Mazda Towing Capacity

Nissan has established itself as a successful automaker in the global market and stretches across most classes of automobiles. They have worked closely with many of the biggest names in the industry too but work closest with Renault, sharing many technologies and resources.

Nissan Towing Capacity

Subaru is known in Europe and America for their boxer engine four-wheel-drive models and crossover SUVs but locally in Japan, they sell many smaller models. The company rose to fame with their successes in motorsport, especially the World Rally Championships of the 1990s.

Subaru Towing Capacity

Suzuki is known for many products including smaller automobiles and motorcycles. They offer a range of compact cars and compact SUVs with an emphasis on reliability and low costs thanks to their ingenious technological innovations, a trait seen since its formation in 1909.

Suzuki Towing Capacity

Toyota started out creating automatic looms in the 1920s and then went on to create trucks and automobiles in the following decades. Ever since they have made a name for themselves producing other goods and hold many of the patents to do with electric cars.

Toyota Towing Capacity

Volkswagen can be traced back to the Second World War when it was a model that was designed to be affordable for the common man. It then went on to become the Beetle and the best-selling car in the world. Now it's a hugely successful automaker that controls brands such as Audi and SEAT.

Volkswagen Towing Capacity

Volvo has a long history of producing safe and reliable cars from its home country of Sweden. They market these models in most of the developed markets around the world including the USA, UK, Australia and all over Europe.

Volvo Towing Capacity