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For the first few years, German automaker BMW was a manufacturer of aircraft engines.

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About BMW

It wasn’t until 1928 when they purchased a manufacturer of automobiles that they began to focus on that booming sector.

They started by producing Dixi models under license to understand the industry before finally producing their own in-house developed models for the sports car sector just a few years later.

During the second world war, they turned their attention back to aircraft engines once again temporarily.

After suffering heavy damage from bombing campaigns they wouldn’t be able to rebuild the company until the 1950s – instead they focused on producing kitchen equipment.

During this time BMW struggled as their flagship luxury models had weak demand and so it wasn’t until 10 years later when a large investment came into the company did it manage to spring back to life.

A line of compact sedans appealed to the rapidly growing German economy and thanks to smart industrial innovations made the company’s vehicles popular in export markets.

In modern times BMW focuses on producing many new crossover SUV lines that are replacing the sedans they are known for globally in popularity.

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