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You can find 311 different trims/engines for the Toyota Hilux and their corresponding recommended towing capacity.

The years available stretch from 2001 through to 2022 and to view the towing capacity you just click to expand.

The Toyota HiLux is a mid-size pickup truck that has been manufactured by Toyota since 1968. it has managed to amass a large following over the decades for its exceptional reliability.

Toyota has released a total of eight generations of the HiLux over the years. The first of the modern generations was the seventh generation which was released in 2004, while the latest generation was released in 2015.

The HiLux has been the base of many of Toyota's other larger vehicles like the Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Fortuner, and the Toyota Innova.

Competition for the HiLux comes from the likes of the Volkswagen Amarok, Ford Ranger, as well as Toyota’s own Land Cruiser.

Layouts for the HiLux have included the typical pickup truck layouts such as 2-door, 2+2 Xtracab extended cab, and 4-door. These have come with either rear-wheel-drive or 4-wheel-drive depending on the model.

Engine options for the pickup have typically included petrol options ranging from a smaller 1.6-liter 12R inline-4 to the larger supercharged 4-liter 1GR-FE VVT-i V6. Diesel options typically range between the 2.4-liter 2L-T and the turbocharged 3-liter 1KD-FTV inline-4.

Transmission options for the HiLux have also ranged greatly, most often including 5-speed and 6-speed manuals and automatics. Although, older models have relied on 4-speed and even 3-speed configurations.

The latest generation of this model was given a facelift in both 2017 and 2020. These changes included different exterior styling, particularly of the bumpers, headlights, and taillights.

Trim levels for the HiLux are very extensive, having changed very often over the lifespan of the model. These include Active, Icon, Invincible, and Invincible X.

Plans for a fully-electric HiLux were revealed by Toyota in 2019. The Japanese manufacturer was hoping to have it released by 2025.