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2022 Ford Explorer Towing Capacity

Trim Engine/Transmission Braked Towing Capacity
Ecoboost V6 4WD 3-liter petrol/gasoline, 10-speed automatic 2500kg / 5,512lb~
Ecoboost RWD/4WD 2.3-liter petrol/gasoline, 10-speed automatic 2400kg / 5,291lb~
Timberline 4WD 2.3-liter petrol/gasoline, 10-speed automatic 2400kg / 5,291lb~
Limited Hybrid 3.3-liter petrol/gasoline, 10-speed automatic 2200kg / 4,850lb~

How much can the 2022 Ford Explorer tow?

As you can see from the table of towing capacity readings above, not all of the trims can pull the same amount - some are as low as 2200kg whereas some go as high as 2500kg.

What does braked towing capacity mean?

When the manufacturer states that a towing capacity is "braked" they are referring to brakes being fitted to the trailer that the car is towing.

At least one of the axles on the trailer that the vehicle is towing must have brakes fitted and controlled by the car if they describe the capacity as "braked".

Ford Explorer

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For the 2022 model year Ford Explorer we have found 4 trims and their corresponding recommended towing capacities.