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What Is TowingCapa.city?

Here you can find the towing capacities of some of the most popular models of car around the world.

The data is updated as often as possible using our team of volunteers who search the web and inspect hundreds of owner's manuals.

We try our best to keep the towing capacity data as up-to-date as much as possible but if you find a problem then please let us know through the contact page.

You can find the braked towing capacity for your model by using the dropdown above, the manufacturer list below or through the dedicated search page.

Best Towing Vehicles

Which SUVs and pickup trucks have the highest rated braked towing capacity?

Ram Pickup 1500

The entry-level Ram Pickup 1500 can tow an impressive 3.6 tonnes (depending on trim). If you go for the 2500 or 3500 you can expect to tow up to 8 tonnes!

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Ram Pickup 1500

Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger pickup truck was originally a compact model but was reclassified in 2019 as a mid-size. This new 2019+ version is capable of towing up to 3.5 tonnes.

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Ford Ranger

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